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Frequently Asked Questions about Remapping

  • What is a Stage 1 Remap?
    A Stage 1 Remap is an adjustment to the ECU of a vehicle. Think of it as your car's personal computer. It tells the car how much power it can use. A Stage 1 remap will override the default settings of your vehicle's ECU, allowing it to draw more power and better fuel efficiency than it would stock from the manufacturer.
  • Will my engine handle the extra power safely?
    In short, yes. Most modern day vehicles are now produced well below their tolerance. This is due to mass production and companies wanting to keep the production costs low. The remap will just allow your vehicle to unleash it's hidden power. NAB Tech Automotive offers free engine health health checks both before and after remaps.
  • Will my vehicle pass an MOT when it is remapped?
    Yes it will. All NAB Tech Automotive remaps are designed to pass all current MOT emission tests.
  • Will remapping improve my vehicles economy?
    Every vehicle is different. However, if you have a turbo charged diesel you should typically see an improvement of between 10 and 20% when having an economy remap.
  • If the dealer updates my software, what do I do?
    If a dealer overwrites your vehicle's ECU, we can supply a new remap at a discounted price.
  • Will a remap affect my cars warranty?
    During servicing some manufacturers software will be able to tell if a car has had its ECU adapted. However, this will read as a software update. As such, this could affect your manufacturer or dealer warranty.
  • Do I need to use a higher octane fuel once remapped?
    NAB Tech Automotive would always recommend using high quality fuel. This is because better quality fuel helps with ignition cycle and the combustion process. If you put in good fuel, you will great great results. However, it is not essential to use high octane fuel.
  • What is a dead spot?
    A dead spot is where your engine lags. It fails to produce a smooth increase in power. Often, you'll experience this when pulling out of a junction. Your car may feel unresponsive, then suddenly just take off. This is bad for your engine as well as other motorists on the road.
  • Will a remap affect my insurance?
    Despite insurers becoming more accepting of modifications such as ECU remapping, NAB Tech Automotive recommend that you inform your insurer of the modifications to your vehicle. This will avoid the risk of a claim refusal. Insurers can at their own discretion, revoke or void an insurance policy if they discover the modification.
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