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Stage 1 Power Remap

A stage 1 remap will increase the power and torque your vehicle has. These remaps remove flat spots and allow you to have a more responsive drive without compromising the reliability of your vehicle. These remaps are designed for vehicles that are standard and unmodified.

All remaps come with a free engine health check both before and after.

Prices starting from £160 

Economy Remaps

These remaps are increasing in popularity especially at the moment with the rising fuel costs. NAB Tech are able to re-calibrate the ECU data to improve your fuel efficiency. We do this by increasing the torque which allows for less gear changes and accelerator pedal movements. This results in an improved MPG as well as improved driveability. Economy tunes can only be undertaken on turbo diesel vehicles.

All remaps come with a free engine health check both before and after.

Prices starting from £160 


Auto Locksmith

At NAB Tech Automotive we offer a professional car key replacement service. Using the latest technology we can program car keys to correspond to your onboard computer and immobiliser. If you suspect someone has stolen your keys, we can erase codes of your old keys and reprogram them to accept new keys, ensuring your car is secure again. Where possible we can repair most car remotes with our remote refurbishment service or alternatively we can supply and program new car remotes to replace your old ones or supply you with a spare key should you only have one.

Prices starting from £65

Postal Remaps

NAB Tech Automotive also offer postal remaps. Simply send us your ECU, we will map it and send it back to you.

Prices starting from £150 + postage 

Car and Engine Diagnostics

We will come to your home or work, plug in our diagnostics tool and then begin to read your management system. We will be able to identify fault codes which allows us to identify where the problem is. We can then point you in the directions of your next steps to resolve the problem.

£50 + call out fee

DPF and EGR Delete

DPF and EGR deletes remove the restrictions on your engine intake and exhaust, allowing your engine to generate more horsepower and torque. 

DPF deletes require the customers to have the filter removed before hand.




£50 if done alongside a full remap 

Speed Limiter Removal

Speed limiter removal is the process of altering a vehicle's ECU so that the vehicle isn't held back by OEM parameters. NAB Tech Automotive offers this delete.



£50 if done alongside a remap


With our latest diagnostics and programming equipment, we can diagnose faulty components as well as programming in new components such as injectors and air bag modules.

Areas covered:

  • Air bag

  • ABS

  • ESP

  • Immobiliser

  • Injection/ engine

  • Fault code reading

  • DPF filter

  • FAP filter

  • EGR faults

and many many more ...

Prices vary per job + call out fee

Hardcut/ Popcorn Limiter

A popcorn limiter changes the way a diesel car behaves when the engine hits the rpm limiter.  With a popcorn limiter applied the engine will bounce at the limiter in a similar way to a petrol vehicle (hard cut limiter). The feature offers no performance advantages but does change how the engine behaves and sounds when the rpm limiter is reached. 


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